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Facial massage: Door to Detox

  • Posted: October 14, 2020
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People who have experienced the magic of the blissful touch of facial massage will find it synonymous with a jubilant state of complete relaxation. Few gentle strokes to your face and you will attain that elated and relaxed level of satisfaction. If this is not real magic, what is it? What’s special about a face massage is that it works therapeutically to your body as well as your mind and soul.

What exactly is a facial massage? It is a technique of using stimulating pressure on adequate areas of the face to heal and rejuvenate your skin. This helps in toning and firming of facial muscles. The traces of origin and practice of this age-old ancient routine can be traced from China, Greece, Persia as well as from India. People call this to be a natural Botox treatment for your face. There are many types of massages like lymphatic drainage, reflexology, acupressure, remedial, Swedish, gua sha, shiatsu, and so on.

Facial massage can help in aiding many issues which include headaches, acne, wrinkles, and stress. We will see more benefits of this treatment in detail.


Perks of getting a Facial Massage


Anti-aging benefits:  

This is the most popularly known benefit of facial massage. When you get yourself a massage, the pressure exerted on your face will help fade wrinkles, and also the directional strokes could prevent wrinkles and fine lines by plumping up your skin. Facial massage could also help fight cellulite and boost collagen production thus tightening your skin and prevents it from sagging.


Boost Blood circulation: 

Massaging will promote the flow of oxygen and blood in your skin. When collagen production is boosted, it will result in reducing the skin texture making it look much more radiant and soft. You will look like you just drank gallons of water.


Face Sculpting: 

Strokes that are rightly rendered can help in sculpting your face, helping you get rid of facial fat. Once you build that resistance to facial strokes, the elasticity of your skin will increase and this will give you a natural facelift if performed regularly. Studies suggest that people who engage in facial massages have much healthy and glowing skin compared to others.


Stress Reliever: 

It will do wonders for you if you are looking for ways to cope up with stress. A massage can drain away your stress, making you feel unwind. Stress is also a factor that can give you wrinkles, fine lines, and acne. A proper massage session will help relieve your stress and will help prevent your stress hormones from shooting up. This is best if you can get it done by a trained professional. It will make the money spent on self-care worth every penny.


Better Endurance and Skin Barriers: 

Your damaged skin will get healed through massages and this will help in building healthy and immune skin barriers by increasing the endurance of your facial tissues. Every time you wash your face with some form of foam, you strip off the naturally present oil barriers in your face. Facial massage will help you rebuild and repair these barriers.


More Welcoming Skin: 

Face massage is a great way to train your skin texture to accept what is good. Experiments prove that face creams and products are absorbed in its best and most effective way when applied with massages or on a massage tamed skin. Therefore engaging in face massage regularly will help your skin absorb beauty products faster to your skin. It will also help your skin build healthy resistance to toxins that can irritate the skin.


Helps Reduce Difficulties of Sinus: 

Facial massage if administered properly could help to drain out the accumulated mucous giving you some relief from nasal congestion and its symptoms. Draining, to an extent, also helps to get rid of puffiness and dullness. Just make sure that your stage of sinusitis is not infectious or at an acute stage.


Helps Fight Skin Irritation: 

Face massage helps fight symptoms of itchiness, scarring, and tenderness issues of the skin. It is proven that massage therapy is successful in reducing pain and itchiness resulting from allergies or pollution or even marks from burns. 


Evens Skin Texture: 

Acne scarring can cause unevenness in face texture, making it irregular with enlarged pores and bumps. Massages can be very beneficial for this. Massaging the scar tissue and the area surrounding it will increase blood flow, loosening the nearby tissues flattening the surfaces. You wouldn’t want to go for chemical peels to attain that smooth textured skin if you practice facial massage as a systematic routine. 


Helps fight Acne: 

Facial massage is an effective way of removing toxins from your face. Lymphatic drainage is one such process in a massage. The lymphatic nodes in your face have a fluid called lymph made up of white blood cells mostly lymphocytes ( they are responsible for attacking bacteria in the blood). They act as warriors protecting your body from invaders that cause illness. When they start getting accumulated, they build up clogging your pores. This works similarly to sebum production. Sebum, when exposed to air, will oxidize changing its color to black, and thus forming blackheads. This causes acne, black, and whiteheads. Since they are oily, facial massages will effectively pull out these toxins from their roots unclogging your pores. Your pores need to breathe if you want problem-free healthy-looking skin.


Why is it important to get it done from a professional?

Now with all this information, you might feel like you can easily do this at home. Yes, you can. But remember if you don’t do this with proper knowledge this could just reverse what you expect it to give. There are techniques like cupping, knuckle kneading, folding, Jacquet pinching, tapping, effleurage, and so on to get you that perfect experience which could be exclusive to a trained professional. 

Here is a list of a few instances as to why it is preferable to consult a professional to get yourself a facial massage.

  • If draining is performed incompletely, this could lead to breakouts and blemishes in the area it got accumulated. 
  • If you have active or healing scars, if massage is not performed professionally chances are that you could get scarring.
  • Rough massaging can cause soreness to muscles, and this could last for days.
  • In the worst case, if you do it without proper guidance you could burst capillaries or cause nerve damage.
  • You have to apply the right amount of pressure to the right areas, not overboard or less.
  • A professional will know the perfect techniques to give you the right treatment to reduce stress and tension. If you don’t perform it well, it can give you a headache. 

Protone Day Spa has a range of services in its Face Refresher package intending to provide you with a world-class massage experience here in Kochi. This will help you regain fresh-looking and immune skin. You could say goodbye to those wrinkle mates in your face. We work with the utmost care and hygiene and special precautions due to the present scenarios. You can book an appointment anytime by dialing +917306471181 or through our website to experience this revitalizing face massage therapy (Go for it, your skin is going to thank you later).

It is highly recommended that you avail of this treatment at least once or twice a month to see that drastic change of getting that ‘glass-like’ skin. Then you can confidently flaunt your flawless skin with a ‘Woke up like this #nofilter look’ tag. 

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