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Your skin is your biggest organ, hence naturally, you need to take really good care of it. A body wrap detoxifies and refines the skin. The wraps can be formulated for different skin types and purposes. They help keep your skin healthy and nourished.


Improves the texture and appearance of your skin by getting rid of toxins and impurities.

Flawless, Healthy Skin

Cleanses you inside and out, makes your skin feel supple, smooth and healthy.

Moisturises Your Skin

Moisturises your body and gives your skin a flawless, silky-smooth texture.

Look Young

Anti-ageing properties reduce wrinkles and make you look and feel younger!

Nourishes Your Skin

Provides your skin with much-needed nourishment it needs to make you look great every day.


Refreshes the senses and recharges the whole body. Feel rejuvenated with our body masks!

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