Connect with us: +91 7306 471181
Connect with us: +91 7306 471181

7 Separate Massage Rooms

At Protone, we have 7 separate rooms for our services. We have a dedicated room for couples and another room for manicure/pedicure services.

Hygienic Bathrooms

Our massage rooms have attached bathrooms. You could take a shower before or after your session if needed. Hot water is available in all bathrooms.

Experienced & Certified Therapists

We employ certified and highly skilled therapists, ensuring top-tier, professional treatments for every guest.

Experience Calmness

Massages, stretches, scrubs, and everything else you need to sink into an untraversed level of calmness. Experience serenity at Protone Day Spa.

Skilled Therapists

Our well trained and experienced therapists work wonders on you! Let them knead your tired, sore body and lead you to a path of rejuvenation. They provide you with the utmost care while respecting your privacy.

Special Packages

Spa packages designed with your overall wellness in mind. You can avail different packages to get an all-round session. Just tell us what you need and we’ll set up a suitable session for you.

Bring Back That Glow!

Aromatherapy massage and facials that will bring back the natural glow in your skin. Look and feel younger.


Body scrubs to detoxify your skin, get rid of dead skin cells and other impurities and make you look younger. Flush out toxins and look stunning!

Body Masques

Experience our body masques for a complete skin rejuvenation experience. The masks can be formulated for different skin types and purposes. This is best experienced after a body scrub.

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