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5 Ways to Relax After A Long Week at Work

  • Posted: March 4, 2020
  • protone

So you’ve had a long week at work. It’s got you drained, physically and emotionally. It’s almost the weekend. There’s a glimmer of hope. At last, some time to breathe. But when you think about, this weekend is going to be the same as the last. Sleep, junk food, partying/going out, and then back to another week of mundane tasks and deadlines. No. You want this week to be different.

Simply taking a break from work won’t do much. You won’t be able to take your mind off work. Pending deadlines will still plague your thoughts. You’ll dread Monday as it looms over you like an ominous shadow.

Here’s how to make the most of your weekends. Here are some tried and tested ways to truly unwind and make your weekend as relaxing as it can get.



You’ll only be able to relax if you take some time off, and leave that phone alone! Not to sound like the average mom, but you really need to get off your electronic devices and spend some time doing things undistracted from the outside world. Tell your loved ones that you won’t be available for a few hours, and just do whatever you feel like doing! Go for a walk. Read a book. Check out a recipe book. Cook food! Anything you’ve always wanted to do but never got the time for.


Nothing beats a warm shower.

Take your time, and give yourself a nice warm shower. Pamper yourself. Try out a new shampoo, a new cream. Spend some time scrubbing yourself with a pumice stone or giving yourself a scalp massage. If you’re the type of person who enjoys long baths in a bathtub, get some scented candles and light up your bathroom. Maybe even play some soft music. That brings us to our next tip for relaxation…



Play music. Whatever genre that calms you down. If you can’t pick anything, try listening to instrumental classics, or piano solos. Check out new genres if you’re feeling experimental like bossa nova or jazz. Just keep some music playing in the background, it will do wonders to lift your mood. Popular music streaming services like Spotify have curated playlists filled with relaxing music. 



Take your time to learn and practice meditation. Keep aside some time to meditate every day, not just on weekends. This helps calm your nerves and helps with de-stressing. If done in the morning, it is said to help you focus and improves concentration for the rest of the day.


Get a massage.
Getting a massage is one of the best ways you can unwind and get rid of stress. Not only does it give you comfort from body problems like muscle soreness and aches, but it also helps you relax. Body massages can unravel all the knots in your body that’s been building up and make you feel re-energised.

There are many different varieties of massages you can choose from. You can read more about them on our blog on types of body massages. All massages involve therapists using their hands to apply pressure on your body, the only real difference is in the techniques they use. This is a very relaxing experience and can be seen as an hour-long vacation! If it’s your first time getting a massage and you don’t know what kind of massage to try out, we recommend Balinese massage.

Now there are many places to get a massage in Ernakulam, but at Protone Day Spa, we focus on what the customers want. We listen to our clients and address their problems. We listen to your suggestions and improve our services. Don’t believe us? Book a session and see for yourself!

We hope you can apply some of the above-mentioned methods into your life. Got any suggestions and tips? Write them down in the comment section below!


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